Tanzania’s second-largest national park after the Serengeti, Ruaha is a remote bastion of spectacular wilderness, undisturbed wildlife, and breathtaking scenery.With herds of more than 10,000 elephants, vast concentrations of buffalo, gazelle, and over 400 bird species, Ruaha’s seemingly limitless wilderness, together with the surrounding game reserves of Rungwa and Kisigo, stretches over 40,000 square kilometres. Elephants are found in some of their highest concentrations in the country, travelling in matriarch-led herds through ancient grazing lands in search of seasonal water supplies.Most of the national park is located on the top of a 900-metre plateau whose ripples of hills, valleys, and plains make the game viewing topography beautiful and unique. The main feature of the park is the Great Ruaha River, which meanders through its borders. With such a choice of habitat, it is not surprising that a wide diversity of mammal species make Ruaha their home. It has been argued that Ruaha has the greatest diversity of game of all the Tanzanian parks.Because of its somewhat remote location, Ruaha National Park is largely unexplored. As a result, a safari to the park often has the feel of a private adventure. For the intrepid wilderness lover and the avid safari explorer, a trip to Ruaha is uniquely rewarding and a perfect piece of Africa