To the nomadic tribe of the Maasai, there is no other mountain that demands more respect, than Ol Donyo Lengai – ‘the mountain of God’. Located on the base of the east African rift valley in northern Tanzania, Lengai (2960m) overlooks the beautiful lake Natron

Ol Donyo Lengai is a strato-volcano and the only active volcano in Tanzania. The last major eruption started in July 2007 and continued on and off until August 2008. Since then the mountain has not had any severe eruptions, just small ones up to 2013.
Lengai is a very unique mountain; it produces natrocarbonatite lava that is not found in any other volcano anywhere else in the world. The temperature of the lava is also quite unique.  At 510°C it is one of the coolest lavas ever recorded. The lava runs quite fast, unlike normal basaltic lava and it can only be seen glowing at night. During the day, Lengai’s lava flows are black in colour almost resembling an oil spill. The colour of the lava can change very quickly from black to grey and then finally to snow white when the lava is exposed to water.